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CoBeverage Lab

The future of healthy juices

Cobeverage Lab produces cold-press juices and healthy beverages in the European market
Co Beverage Lab

CoBeverage Lab

Brand identity
Label design
Graphic design

Creating a new brand

Co Beverage Lab is a Spanish company that produces juices and healthy drinks. They sell 100% natural juices and beverages using natural ingredients and innovative technologies.

In 2021, we had the chance to work with Co Beverage Lab on a few graphic design projects for their clients :

  • Label design for Florette (proof of concept)
  • Label design for Bonpreu

Creating a new brand from scratch

At the end of 2021, they offered us the opportunity to develop one of their most significant projects: building a new brand from scratch.

The statement was clear. They wanted to create a new umbrella brand for their new family of products:

  • Juices
  • Healthy shots
  • Smoothies
  • Natural Iced-teas


Finding the right name was not that easy. It needed to be memorable, easy to understand, and exportable to the European market. It also needed to be attractive for adults and children.

As the common link between the different branches was the “natural ingredients”, we named the new brand Nat’.

We worked hand-in-hand with our client to develop all the different elements of their brand identity:

  • We chose a bright color palette, with a color for each branch of the family.
  • We unified each family under the same logo
  • We added the name of each branch and color to the logo
  • We chose two different calligraphy fonts because they are fun and dynamic, following the brand’s values.

Designing original labels for Nat’s family

Once the branding was ready, the company asked us to design original labels for their juices. They wanted something different, innovative, fun, and attractive.

They asked us to include the whole production process in the labels. They also wanted to add a QR code to give their customers additional information about the brand and its products.

As a result, we designed the “crazy machine”, including colorful elements to explain the production process easily and funnily to the customers. We also added some text to explain each step of the process and the QR code on the front of the bottle.

We added a background color for the smaller bottles to make them more readable. For the biggest ones, we left a transparent background so the customers could see the real product inside the bottle.

Coming clean: the final design

The first snapshots of the new labels were very revealing. The company headed a few focus groups to improve the recipes and test the attractiveness of the labels. 

Some changes need to be applied to fit their customers’ expectations. We decided to give the brand a cleaner look, and replace the “crazy machine” with a more modern and transparent style. 

The brand will be soon available to the general public in Spain. 


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Co Beverage Lab

We are happy to help you in your projects

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